2020 The Lovebirds  (New Orleans Casting Director)
 2019 Looking for Alaska (TV Mini-Series) (New Orleans Casting Director )
 2019 Eli (regional casting director)
 2019 The Dirt (regional casting director)

 2018 Blaze (Casting Director)
 2017 The True Don Quixote (New Orleans Casting)
 2017 Hunter Killer (New Orleans Casting Director)
 2017 Mosaic (TV Movie) (New Orleans casting)
 2017 The Tale (Location Casting Director)
 2017 Seal Team (TV Series) (New Orleans Casting)

 2017 13 Reasons Why (TV Series) (San Fransisco Casting/ Extras Casting Director)

 2016 Salem (TV Series) (Local Casting Director Season 3)

 2017 One Mississippi (TV Series) (Regional Casting Director)

 2017 Preacher (TV Series) (New Orleans Casting )
 2016 The Duel (Local Casting Director)
 2016 Before I Wake (location casting)
 2016 The Free World (New Orleans Casting Director)
 2016 Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song (location casting)

 2015 The Magicians (TV Series) (casting – pilot)


 2015 Daddy’s Home (casting: New Orleans)
 2015 Mr. Right (Local Casting Director)
 2015 Zoo (TV Series) (New Orleans Casting Director)

2015 Astronaut Wives Club (Local Casting Director)

2015 Maggie (Casting Director)

2015 The American Project (Casting Director)

2015 Mr. Right (Local Casting Director)

2015 Nigel & Oscar vs. The Sasquatch (Local Casting Director)

2015 Get Hard (local casting)

2015 Somnia (location casting)

2015 Kidnapping Freddy Heineken (location casting)

2014 Parallels (TV Series) (Casting Director)

2014 Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (location casting)

2014 Occult (TV Movie) (location casting)

2014 The Loft (location casting

2014 Barefoot (location casting)

2013 Reckless (TV movie) (location casting)

2013 Escape Plan (location casting)

2013 The Loft (location casting) (completed)

2013 Hours (location casting) (completed)

2013 Now You See Me (location casting)

2013 Olympus Has Fallen (location casting)

2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D (location casting)

2012 So Undercover (location casting)

2012 Playing for Keeps (casting: Louisiana)

2012 Fire with Fire (video) (location casting)

2012 Freelancers (location casting)

2012 The Campaign (local casting)

2012 Lay the Favorite (casting director: louisiana)

2011 6 Month Rule (location casting)

2011 Julia X (location casting)

2011 Straw Dogs (location casting)

2011 Trespass (location casting)

2011 Butter (location casting)

2011 Shark Night 3D (location casting)

2011 Drive Angry (location casting)

2010 Super (casting: Louisiana)

2010 Vampires Suck (location casting)

2010 The Expendables (location casting: Lousisana)

2010 I Spit on Your Grave (location casting)

2010 Skateland (casting: Louisiana)

2010 The Taqwacores (casting)

2009 I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (location casting)

2009 Leaves of Grass (casting: Shreveport)

2009 Youth in Revolt (additional casting)

2009 Acceptance (TV movie) (extras casting)

2009 The Collector (casting)

2009 Streets of Blood (video) (location casting)

2009 Wonderful World (casting director: Shreveport)

2009 Feast III: The Happy Finish (video) (location casting)

2009 The Killing Room (location casting)

2008 True Blood (TV series) (local casting )

2008 Pulse 3 (video) (casting director: Louisiana)

2008 Major Movie Star (casting director: Louisiana)

2008 Sordid Lives: The Series (TV series) (location casting – 12 episodes)

2008 Pulse 2: Afterlife (video) (casting director: Louisiana)

2008 Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (video) (casting director: local)

2008 Righteous Kill (location casting: Louisiana)

2008 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (extras casting director)

2008 Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins (extras casting)

2008 Speed Freaks (TV movie) (location casting)

2007 The Mist (extras casting)

2007 Mr. Brooks (extras casting coordinator)

2006 Factory Girl (extras casting coordinator)


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Market Street
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Louisiana Tabacco Free Campaign
Peoples Health of Louisiana
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